Featured Products

Handcrafted soaps

Soapernatural skin care products are handcrafted on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in Kingston. Most of its soaps are coloured naturally and uses clays, spices, herbs, plant, and flower extracts in its products, many of which are grown in the seller’s own garden. Soapernatural uses a variety of rain forest friendlyvegetable oils and is proud to be palm oil free!


Handmade and individually decorated pottery is the artistic expression that Louise Thompson-Parker produces for Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market. All of his pottery work is ovenproof and microwave and dishwasher safe.

Handmade jewellery

A few years ago, PKay experimented with using the tiny brushes to create a landscape on glass. Using the best-quality fused and polished glass, she paints backwards—meaning, instead of traditionally layering up, she layers down. Starting on the back of the glass, whatever needs to be highlighted or on top must be drawn and done first. Then colours are layered back to create moods and nuances. When all is done the backs are sealed off, turned over, and either placed in fittings (rings or earrings) or left “naked” (pendants). The glass gives a clarity and depth to the wearable art.

Emma Peers creates her own unique handmade jewellery range using polymer clay.  Creating delicious miniature charms like ice creams and cupcakes, she also moulds characters and animals for pendants and bookmarks, all of which are handmade right here in Queenstown.


Jason Law is a local Queenstown landscape photographer who is passionate about the outdoors, photography, travel, and of course, New Zealand landscapes.