Entrepreneur Tip of the Day: Self Care

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, unless your single. But if you’re an entrepreneur that’s married, a lot of things are probably going on your day. Like helping your kids get ready for school, making sure that they don’t skip any meals, and finding the right clothes for them to wear. Not just that, maybe you also have another job to attend maybe online or offline, and a lot of things that’s pulling you in different directions without knowing which one to go first.

At the end of the day, you’ll probably go straight to bed, and repeat the process again and again as another day goes by. This means that you don’t have time for yourself anymore.

But it’s not hard to say “no” especially to things that aren’t important as it seems. There are times that you have to do small changes to make time for yourself. Which will lead you to do good on your job and can also make you focus on your business better. So what are these changes that we’re talking about?

  • Small changes such as drinking water regularly can make a difference. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day and you’ll be ready to take whatever life throws at you as soon as you step outside your home.
  • Make a schedule for some daily exercise to keep your body pumped up during the day. It’s not necessarily a 2-hour exercise with all the equipment. A simple desk stretches while at work can make you more productive.
  • Pack healthy snacks so that you won’t have to indulge on unhealthy junk foods. Bringing an Apple to work can make worlds of difference. It will keep you energized and healthy at the same time throughout the day.
  • Finally, when you get home, a nice hot bath is a perfect reward after a tiring day. Because there’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with some warm and nice relaxing bath to soothe your mind and body.

Saying “No” to things and giving time for yourself is important to keep up on your daily work. Putting health on top of your priority list can help you achieve more and be productive in everything you do especially at work. No need to pressure yourself. Just a little time management and a few changes on your daily lifestyle will do.

Entrepreneur Tip: Keep Going and Never Stop Until You Succeed

So you decided to become an entrepreneur because you think this is your calling and you’re meant to be here. And then you start to think of ideas on how to start your business. You may have a lot of ideas running into your mind, some are good and some are bad. So you picked one! But then you realized, that idea sucks and sooner or later, you’re on the urge to give up already. But wait! It doesn’t have to be that hard. What if that idea of yours will eventually turn out successful in the end right?

All successful things didn’t start with a happy beginning. There are some dumb ideas that even turned out successful in the end. Take a look at Gary Dahl, the creator of the Pet Rock. Who in the world will use rocks as a pet? It sounds crazy right? But he became a millionaire just by this.

So what did he do? Guess what, he didn’t quit. He made up the idea and just kept going with it even though it may sound stupid for some. This is why starting low at business is perfectly normal before turning into a success. This is why some bloggers fail to rise because they think blogging won’t do any good to them. But other out there just kept going until they succeeded.

Failing at First is Part of Entrepreneurship

  • Think of Michael Jordan, one of the most famous basketball players of all time. He didn’t just wake up one day and became the greatest basketball player real quick. In fact, he was actually terrible at basketball at first. But that didn’t stop him to pursue greatness. He kept trying until he succeeded and then one day, Boom! He’s famous already. That’s why the saying goes try and try until you succeed.

Course Correction

  • Be open minded and accept changes as you go along the way. This is called course correction. And by the way, it’s not the same thing as stopping so keep that in mind. For example, you’re a multi-talented content creator. You create vlogs, podcasts, and blog articles. You noticed that your podcasts gain much more attention compared to your vlogs and articles. So it’s better to focus yourself on doing podcasts as this can benefit you compared to the others. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your other content behind. You can analyze what is different between them and add more to it.

Action is Something That You Can Take Control Of

  • Everything that happens is beyond our control they say. However, we can control what we want to do. For example, you’re bombarded with 500+ WordPress Maintenance Clients. That is such a huge goal that seems impossible to take care of. Instead, you can focus on what you love doing on like for example, creating content (if you’re a content creator off course).
  • Sooner or later, you’ll find out that a lot of people are enjoying your content and asking for more. This means that creating content is essential for you. So you start to create your own goal and do as much content as you like.
  • Even though you’ve set a goal that’s quite big, as long as you can control it then you’re good to go. You can’t force people to sign up to your newsletter or something. That’s why you have to do things your way and watch your business rise higher and higher. If content creation is not for you, then it’s time to do a course correction just like we mentioned in the previous tip. Never lose track of your goal and you’ll eventually be successful in no time.