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11 Important Prospecting Tips Entrepreneurs Should Follow

One way to make your business grow is by prospecting. There are a lot of ways to do prospecting, some of them are right, and some of them are wrong. So what are we going to do to improve our prospecting goals?

To start, there are 3 levels of prospects that you should keep in mind:

  • Cold – prospects within your target market that’s not familiar with you or your business.
  • Warm – prospects that you’ve approached and have been qualified.
  • Hot – prospects that have shown interest in you or your business.

The tips found below are useful for each level of prospects, but some of them needs to be adapted well in order to fit in such prospect level. Anyways, let’s get it on with the tips.

  1. Create a plan

  • Creating a plan is a recipe for success. Without a plan, you’ll be going nowhere just like a boat going upstream without a paddle, rendering it useless. Creating a plan for each prospect level is the best thing to do.
  1. Think of it as a challenge for yourself

  • This tip is best combined with tip #1. Set your goals higher than it was before and think of it as a challenge for both you and your business. And at the end of the day, reward yourself once you meet those goals.
  1. Use a script

  • Scripts acts as a guide to help you keep on track. Using a script also means you’re less likely to get mistakes. If you see something on the script that’s a bit off, make changes to it when needed. But does this mean you have to read it word by word? The answer is no. Don’t just stand there acting like a robot while reading your script. Just follow the basic premise of the script and you’ll be on track.
  1. Educate instead of selling

  • This is one aspect most business people failed to do. Instead of educating a consumer, most business people tried to force people to buy their product without even caring on what the customer thinks about it as long as it sells. Let’s think of a situation. You walk inside an automobile shop and you’re canvasing for cars. Then a salesperson approached you and convinces you to buy a car. Without listening to your words, the salesperson keeps on saying why a car is the right choice for you. Few days have passed, another salesperson approached you. But this time, instead of forcing you, the salesperson educated you about the dangers of having cars and why you should think wisely when getting one. Now who do you think is an effective seller? Obviously, the second one right? Now that’s a proper way to do business.
  1. Know your product

  • This is the key to make your product sell well in the market. What if a prospect suddenly approaches you and asks about your product, and you’re just standing there brain dead trying to figure out how to answer his/her question. We don’t want that to happen right? That’s why it’s important to study and know about your product to avoid any unfortunate circumstances from happening.
  1. Grab it while it’s hot

  • If you get a prospect lead, then approach them as early as possible. Don’t just wait for days to come before you decide to approach them. It’s better to grab the opportunity as early as possible or else your competitor will.
  1. Snail mail

  • Going old school is the key to approach prospects. While others are using email or calling their prospects via telephone, there’s nothing better than doing the old-fashioned handwritten mail and get a serve of nostalgia.
  1. Do your research

  • It will be easier for you if you do a research of your prospects first before approaching them. With the help of technology and internet, a simple Google search can help you find information of a particular prospect. If they have a website, then go check it out. It’s also a good thing to check out their social media too such as Facebook or Twitter and most especially LinkedIn.
  1. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected

  • Rejection is perfectly normal in the world of business. If a prospect says no, then learn how to accept it instead of getting mad or going full rage mode. Every “no” has a reason behind that will eventually turn into a “yes” in the end.
  1. Don’t quit just because of an objection

  • Just because it’s always “no” doesn’t mean you’ll never have a chance to get a “yes”. If you like to take risk, you can attempt to rebut the first “no” that you received. Not every “no” is an objection, maybe the prospect just need more information about your business before they’ll accept it. You can try asking questions and rebut the objection so that you’ll know the other side of the story why they rejected it.
  1. Making mistakes is normal

  • In the world of entrepreneurship, making mistakes is normal. But don’t let this mistake drag you down. Think of it as a lesson and use it as a stepping stone to progress towards your goal.


At the end of the day, the important thing to note is just to have fun. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re keeping your business alive and well, prospects will probably notice you and they’ll be the one to approach you in the long run.

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