Entrepreneur Tip of the Day: Self Care

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, unless your single. But if you’re an entrepreneur that’s married, a lot of things are probably going on your day. Like helping your kids get ready for school, making sure that they don’t skip any meals, and finding the right clothes for them to wear. Not just that, maybe you also have another job to attend maybe online or offline, and a lot of things that’s pulling you in different directions without knowing which one to go first.

At the end of the day, you’ll probably go straight to bed, and repeat the process again and again as another day goes by. This means that you don’t have time for yourself anymore.

But it’s not hard to say “no” especially to things that aren’t important as it seems. There are times that you have to do small changes to make time for yourself. Which will lead you to do good on your job and can also make you focus on your business better. So what are these changes that we’re talking about?

  • Small changes such as drinking water regularly can make a difference. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day and you’ll be ready to take whatever life throws at you as soon as you step outside your home.
  • Make a schedule for some daily exercise to keep your body pumped up during the day. It’s not necessarily a 2-hour exercise with all the equipment. A simple desk stretches while at work can make you more productive.
  • Pack healthy snacks so that you won’t have to indulge on unhealthy junk foods. Bringing an Apple to work can make worlds of difference. It will keep you energized and healthy at the same time throughout the day.
  • Finally, when you get home, a nice hot bath is a perfect reward after a tiring day. Because there’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with some warm and nice relaxing bath to soothe your mind and body.

Saying “No” to things and giving time for yourself is important to keep up on your daily work. Putting health on top of your priority list can help you achieve more and be productive in everything you do especially at work. No need to pressure yourself. Just a little time management and a few changes on your daily lifestyle will do.

Entrepreneur Tip: Keep Going and Never Stop Until You Succeed

So you decided to become an entrepreneur because you think this is your calling and you’re meant to be here. And then you start to think of ideas on how to start your business. You may have a lot of ideas running into your mind, some are good and some are bad. So you picked one! But then you realized, that idea sucks and sooner or later, you’re on the urge to give up already. But wait! It doesn’t have to be that hard. What if that idea of yours will eventually turn out successful in the end right?

All successful things didn’t start with a happy beginning. There are some dumb ideas that even turned out successful in the end. Take a look at Gary Dahl, the creator of the Pet Rock. Who in the world will use rocks as a pet? It sounds crazy right? But he became a millionaire just by this.

So what did he do? Guess what, he didn’t quit. He made up the idea and just kept going with it even though it may sound stupid for some. This is why starting low at business is perfectly normal before turning into a success. This is why some bloggers fail to rise because they think blogging won’t do any good to them. But other out there just kept going until they succeeded.

Failing at First is Part of Entrepreneurship

  • Think of Michael Jordan, one of the most famous basketball players of all time. He didn’t just wake up one day and became the greatest basketball player real quick. In fact, he was actually terrible at basketball at first. But that didn’t stop him to pursue greatness. He kept trying until he succeeded and then one day, Boom! He’s famous already. That’s why the saying goes try and try until you succeed.

Course Correction

  • Be open minded and accept changes as you go along the way. This is called course correction. And by the way, it’s not the same thing as stopping so keep that in mind. For example, you’re a multi-talented content creator. You create vlogs, podcasts, and blog articles. You noticed that your podcasts gain much more attention compared to your vlogs and articles. So it’s better to focus yourself on doing podcasts as this can benefit you compared to the others. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your other content behind. You can analyze what is different between them and add more to it.

Action is Something That You Can Take Control Of

  • Everything that happens is beyond our control they say. However, we can control what we want to do. For example, you’re bombarded with 500+ WordPress Maintenance Clients. That is such a huge goal that seems impossible to take care of. Instead, you can focus on what you love doing on like for example, creating content (if you’re a content creator off course).
  • Sooner or later, you’ll find out that a lot of people are enjoying your content and asking for more. This means that creating content is essential for you. So you start to create your own goal and do as much content as you like.
  • Even though you’ve set a goal that’s quite big, as long as you can control it then you’re good to go. You can’t force people to sign up to your newsletter or something. That’s why you have to do things your way and watch your business rise higher and higher. If content creation is not for you, then it’s time to do a course correction just like we mentioned in the previous tip. Never lose track of your goal and you’ll eventually be successful in no time.

5 Tips for Buying a New Barbecue Smoker

This period of winter months sales is a blast to buy your new barbeque. You will be able to get some great deals online and also in shops. Below are my top 5 buyers pointers to consider to discover the excellent barbeque for you.

1. BBQ size matters!

Think about what does it cost? Space you have in your garden, yard or garage. The last point you want to do is return residence with a barbeque that overloads the area at the back of your home or apartment. If you can pay for a more substantial BBQ, as well as you want it to be ‘parked’ outside, make sure that you get a suitable cover for your BBQ to make sure that it does not take way too much of a slamming from the elements! Keep in mind that grills are advancing all the time. For instance after reading this pit boss 820 pellet grill review, we are convinced this is one of the best out there.

2. Think about secure storage and movement.

If you are trying to find a bigger BBQ for amusing as well as for formulating colossal BBQ feasts, ensure you can conveniently relocate the barbeque around. I have seen a lot of barbeque’s on the market with little wheels that definitely won’t move the massive barbeque. At best I have seen good friends struggling to ‘wheel’ their BBQ back to the garage in such a way that resembles dragging, taking fifty percent of the yard with them in the process! Make sure you opt for a barbeque that has two big wheels on one side of the barbeque, to make sure that you could tilt and wheel it right into position.

3. What does it cost? What cooking space do you require?

There are lots of various barbeque’s in the marketplace with different food preparation alternatives. You can get 1 to 6 gas burners on gas barbeque’s (in some cases a lot more), as well as the tool to big grills for coal barbeque’s. See to it you consider what you require instead of what you believe you will certainly make use of as you may be throwing good cash away on an alternative that you are not going to use. I directly like to go with a big grill charcoal BBQ so that I could prepare up to a storm, and if there are any other sides to prepare, I don’t mind placing those bonus in the oven in the cooking area. I rarely need to utilize the kitchen nonetheless as I will toss almost anything on the bbq!

4. Think about toughness.

Although you might believe that going with a tiny, low-cost pot BBQ is a smart idea for price effectiveness in the short term, they will usually not last for more than a few years, and also the structure as well as components corrosion very conveniently. Seek an alternative that gives you the area for cooking that you need, combined with a durable frame that will last well and offer you for many happy barbeque years.

5. Layout requirements.

Think about whether you desire additional area and also shelving for saving cooked and even raw foods while you prepare your feast. I continuously believe it is a great idea to have at least two level surface areas on your barbeque to place food, BBQ tools as well as plates, spices, etc. Otherwise, you will possibly end up requiring an added food cart at an additional expense anyway!

Enjoy searching for the perfect BBQ this season. Winter months are typically the most effective time of year to buy the ideal barbeque as you could obtain you’re practical relatively inexpensive discontinued lines in larger homeware stores. Satisfied Buying!

New Zealand Souvenir Shopping Guide: Must-Buy Arts & Crafts Items in Queenstown

Take your awesome New Zealand experience back home with beautiful and unique souvenirs that will surely make you appreciate the Kiwi arts and culture. Either as keepsakes of your journey or as gifts for family and friends, the local handmade arts and crafts products in the culturally rich country will make for wonderful souvenirs. Of course, you don’t want to go home empty-handed, right?

When buying souvenirs, you must go beyond just the usual T-shirts and local delicacies to make your every penny count. Here are the must-buy souvenir products that are uniquely and truly New Zealand.

Knitted garments

In arts and crafts markets, you will find an array of knitted clothing items that are 100% handmade—from the spinning of the wool to designing and knitting the garment. The knitted sweaters, shirts, scarves, socks, and bonnets are all warm and comfy for kids and adults because they are made of natural materials without any chemicals.

Clothing products made of felt fabric are also worth checking out in Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market. They are available as vests, hats, jackets, bags, scarves, slippers, and more.

Merino wool clothing

Don’t go home without getting a clothing item made of luxurious cashmere-like wool from Merino sheep as a souvenir.

Knitted stuffed toys

What can be more adorable than your typical stuffed toy? It’s the knitted variety! Well-loved by tourists, these unique products—which can come in the form of birds, giraffes, and kiwis—make the perfect gifts for children and girlfriends.

Jade necklaces

Looking for a birthday gift for your mom or anniversary gift for your wife? Look for jade necklaces that are available all over NZ with Maori symbol carvings.


Breathtaking New Zealand landscapes shot by the best local photographers are immortalized in postcards. Share the lovely scenery with your friends back home by sending them postcards while they’re waiting for your return.

Wooden sculptures

Bring home a reminder of the Maori tradition by buying a wood-carved item that captures the indigenous culture in New Zealand.

Exploring the Local Arts and Culture in New Zealand: Tips for Travellers

Taken from https://www.gadventures.com/blog/new-zealand-fun-fact/

For an authentic and entirely different Kiwi experience, nothing compares to immersing yourself in the local arts and culture.

The richness and diversity of Maori culture, including its literature, museums, and performing arts will impress not only the regular travelers but also the most sophisticated arts and culture aficionado.

In New Zealand, one of the great ways to discover and experience the indigenous culture is to visit the arts and crafts market all over the country. Here are some tips to guide every traveler who wish to explore the arts and crafts scene in the land of Kiwis.

Read and research

Before you set off on your Kiwi holiday, know what to expect by planning your trip ahead. Even if you’re the spontaneous type of traveler, you have to read up on the specific aspects of the arts and culture you want to immerse in, such as the artists and the type or style of arts. It helps to have some knowledge so that you won’t get lost or clueless when you’re visiting an unfamiliar place.

Know where to go

There are lots of art galleries in New Zealand to delight the senses of the avid arts and culture buff. But if the huge price tags scare you, know that there are equally great alternatives that can offer stunning works of art at prices that won’t hurt your travel budget. On weekends, several arts and crafts markets like the Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market are open and feature a wide variety of local handmade items and art works for sale.

Experience Maori culture through arts

In NZ, you can see for yourself how local artists carve on wood, weave, and make tattoos. Aside from buying their products that you can bring home, immerse yourself further in the experience by creating your own artwork there, like oil painting and carving. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live like a local in New Zealand by experiencing its traditional art.

4 Reasons You Must Buy Local Arts and Crafts Products as Souvenirs of Your Travels

New Zealand’s wide range of souvenirs offers a reminder of your wonderful Kiwi travel. Wandering around arts & crafts markets to shop for great local finds is an opportunity to make the most out of your travel, whether to relax after several days of adventure-filled activities or simply to spend your free time before your flight back home. Souvenir shopping is the way to go if you want to update your art collection, buy gifts for your loved ones back home, or get yourself some keepsakes that you’ll remember your trip by.

The travel mantra “live like a local” cannot be truer when you visit the culture-rich New Zealand. And when buying souvenirs, the best you can live up to it is to buy locally. Arts and crafts markets, like the Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market, are the best places to find unique and awesome works by local artists and distributors.

Here are the great reasons to buy local arts and crafts in New Zealand:

Support local artists

Instead of buying souvenirs from malls, make your trip worth your while by shopping in markets that offer locally made items. That way, you’re giving support to the local arts industry—you help the local artists in New Zealand sustain their living, send their kids to school, create more artworks, and so on. Even buying just one local product from an arts and crafts market in NZ can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Unique, amazing selections

Each artwork is handmade and often the only version that a local artist makes, in addition to reflecting the unique Kiwi culture. This makes shopping in arts and crafts markets ideal for art enthusiasts who collect one-of-a-kind works of art.

Interactions with local artists

In arts and crafts markets, the sellers usually are the artists themselves. So when you visit, grab the opportunity to engage the locals in conversations—get to know their inspirations behind their masterpieces. For sure, they would love to share their stories, which will remain with you even as you go back home.

It’s a fun experience!

Just being able to feast your eyes on the diverse local artistry in New Zealand is enough to satisfy you.