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6 Motivational Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for motivation from other people or particularly from the internet, then you’re doing it wrong. Entrepreneurs especially the newbies, should know that motivation comes from within and not from others.

There are two types of sources where we can find motivation: External and Internal. For example, try putting your hand on a fire and you’ll quickly gain motivation to pull your hand back because it’s hot. Now that’s what we call external motivation. But for entrepreneurs, there are only a few external factors that can motivate them.

There might be a few external sources to motivate entrepreneurs such as doing a quick Google search for motivational material. But keep in mind that it’s not the material that’s motivating you, it’s you all along who chose to be self-motivated.

So what are the factors of a “self-motivated” entrepreneur? We have:

  • The entrepreneur who knows what he/she wants and has a plan to attain it.
  • The entrepreneur that’s mentally and physically prepared to face each challenge that may come its way.
  • The entrepreneur who makes their own rules.
  • And lastly, the entrepreneur who has goals that’s far beyond a human’s imagination.

As you can see, there’s no such thing as luck. All was already laid out and planned inside our heads. We just need to make these plans into action to attain our goals.

Today, we’re going to give 6 motivational tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals along the way. Let’s start!

  1. Keep track of numbers

  • Digging deeper to the numbers you’ve tracked can help you stay motivated on your business. Set goals how much profit you need daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly and see if these goals are met or not. Take it to the extreme by going a bit higher and see if you can reach that goal. Add all of these numbers up and make ways how to complete that goal.
  1. Use your past as a motivation

  • If you have a terrible past, use it to motivate yourself to keep moving forward. Think of the past where you’re working in an office even though you don’t love your work just for the sake of making a salary. Or the time where you’re struggling to pay for your house rent or car loan. You might experience any obstacles along the way but the important thing is you have to keep moving.
  1. Take on the most difficult tasks

  • If you ever feel unmotivated, try doing hard tasks and see where it can take you. By doing so, you will be focused on the task that you even forgot that you dreaded it at first. Once you finish the task, you’ll then realize that you just motivated yourself.
  1. Do exercises

  • If you feel that you’re not in the mood to be motivated, try going to the gym and work out that body. You can also do jogging, walking, and even biking if going to the gym seems like kind of a chore for you. Doing such exercises can awaken your motivational chromosomes.
  1. Stay positive

  • Surround yourself with positive things around you. Download inspirational pictures or put up pictures of your loved ones in your desk. Call your best friend if you need some company and have a little chit chat before doing your work.
  1. Learn something new

  • Learning is the key to succeed in business. It can also help spike up your motivation too because you have learned something new. Don’t stop being curious in a lot of things. Try and try until you learn and you’ll find yourself being motivated at the end of the day.

Practicing self-motivation can turn into a habit in the long run. You’ll find yourself not giving up easily even though something bad happens. You’re unstoppable just like time, it keeps on ticking forever and ever. We cannot escape the fact that the road is rough sometimes especially in the world of business. But as long as you know how to motivate yourself, you’ll be ready for whatever life

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