New Zealand Souvenir Shopping Guide: Must-Buy Arts & Crafts Items in Queenstown

Take your awesome New Zealand experience back home with beautiful and unique souvenirs that will surely make you appreciate the Kiwi arts and culture. Either as keepsakes of your journey or as gifts for family and friends, the local handmade arts and crafts products in the culturally rich country will make for wonderful souvenirs. Of course, you don’t want to go home empty-handed, right?

When buying souvenirs, you must go beyond just the usual T-shirts and local delicacies to make your every penny count. Here are the must-buy souvenir products that are uniquely and truly New Zealand.

Knitted garments

In arts and crafts markets, you will find an array of knitted clothing items that are 100% handmade—from the spinning of the wool to designing and knitting the garment. The knitted sweaters, shirts, scarves, socks, and bonnets are all warm and comfy for kids and adults because they are made of natural materials without any chemicals.

Clothing products made of felt fabric are also worth checking out in Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market. They are available as vests, hats, jackets, bags, scarves, slippers, and more.

Merino wool clothing

Don’t go home without getting a clothing item made of luxurious cashmere-like wool from Merino sheep as a souvenir.

Knitted stuffed toys

What can be more adorable than your typical stuffed toy? It’s the knitted variety! Well-loved by tourists, these unique products—which can come in the form of birds, giraffes, and kiwis—make the perfect gifts for children and girlfriends.

Jade necklaces

Looking for a birthday gift for your mom or anniversary gift for your wife? Look for jade necklaces that are available all over NZ with Maori symbol carvings.


Breathtaking New Zealand landscapes shot by the best local photographers are immortalized in postcards. Share the lovely scenery with your friends back home by sending them postcards while they’re waiting for your return.

Wooden sculptures

Bring home a reminder of the Maori tradition by buying a wood-carved item that captures the indigenous culture in New Zealand.

Exploring the Local Arts and Culture in New Zealand: Tips for Travellers

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For an authentic and entirely different Kiwi experience, nothing compares to immersing yourself in the local arts and culture.

The richness and diversity of Maori culture, including its literature, museums, and performing arts will impress not only the regular travelers but also the most sophisticated arts and culture aficionado.

In New Zealand, one of the great ways to discover and experience the indigenous culture is to visit the arts and crafts market all over the country. Here are some tips to guide every traveler who wish to explore the arts and crafts scene in the land of Kiwis.

Read and research

Before you set off on your Kiwi holiday, know what to expect by planning your trip ahead. Even if you’re the spontaneous type of traveler, you have to read up on the specific aspects of the arts and culture you want to immerse in, such as the artists and the type or style of arts. It helps to have some knowledge so that you won’t get lost or clueless when you’re visiting an unfamiliar place.

Know where to go

There are lots of art galleries in New Zealand to delight the senses of the avid arts and culture buff. But if the huge price tags scare you, know that there are equally great alternatives that can offer stunning works of art at prices that won’t hurt your travel budget. On weekends, several arts and crafts markets like the Queenstown’s Arts and Crafts Market are open and feature a wide variety of local handmade items and art works for sale.

Experience Maori culture through arts

In NZ, you can see for yourself how local artists carve on wood, weave, and make tattoos. Aside from buying their products that you can bring home, immerse yourself further in the experience by creating your own artwork there, like oil painting and carving. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live like a local in New Zealand by experiencing its traditional art.